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  • Melodica is a group that would address not only the Slovak public, but also French, English and Spanish.
  • Melodica would like to bring to his auditors, melodic and rhythmic music, pleasant to listen, with lyrics that make sense.
  • Melodica plays exclusively his own original creation in multiple languages, all songs are created by Zoltan Tamas, Anton Lancaric and Tomas Redey.
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Melodica is a musical group with ambitions to create original music, melodic and rhythmic and texts with meaning.

Melodica does not have a particular style of music - it is somehow a mixture of pop music, rock, folk, jazz or soul, sometimes retro, but always with a strong sentimental accent...

Melodica is about different "live" instruments, as electric and acoustic guitars, violins, accordion, mandolin, trumpet, saxophone, keyboard and percussion.

We can say that all the songs are different: some are approaching, by their nature, French song with an accordion sentimental, others have southern, mediterranean character with mandolin, or rhythmic "Latino" style ,with several trumpets, or a sentimental ballad, of Russian style, with a balalaika, or "bar" songs, a little jazz, soul, swing or rhythm and blues with a combination of brass, or soft and melodic music native from African savannah, with original African percussion / djembe /, special effects and dialogues in African dialects.

A peculiarity of Melodica is a voice assemblege of popular and opera voices in the same song. Often the lead vocal is an opera voice and the second voice or hearts are in popular voice.

After this first album, Melodica will continue to explore new ways of expression in order to diversify and enrich his music and bring to his listeners always new dimensions of music and lyrics.