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  • Melodica is a group that would address not only the Slovak public, but also French, English and Spanish.
  • Melodica would like to bring to his auditors, melodic and rhythmic music, pleasant to listen, with lyrics that make sense.
  • Melodica plays exclusively his own original creation in multiple languages, all songs are created by Zoltan Tamas, Anton Lancaric and Tomas Redey.
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Last album

POP MIX 2016 Details

Fourth album

Fly Details

Third album

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Second album

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First album

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POP MIX 2016

In june 2016 was published the new album of Melodica "POP MIX 2016" with new version of existing song, but also some new songs, until now unpublished in French, Spanish and English

  • Melodica - Les feuilles mortes
  • Melodica - Oui, ça m´arrive
  • Melodica - Mi dulce bella morena
  • Melodica - Cuba libre
  • Melodica - I play with the wind
  • Melodica - Burning like a flame
  • Melodica - Je cherche mon chemin
  • Melodica - Le grand Rift
  • Melodica - Por el cielo quiero volar
  • Melodica - El tiempo pasa
  • Melodica - Por la noche
  • Melodica - L´amour


In April 2015 was published the fourth album of Melodica „FLY!“ - with 11 songs in English.

During 2015 and 2016 Melodica is working on a new CD „The cycle of life“ which will be published gradually in English, French and Slovak.

We are also recording some songs in Spanish and we prepare a mix of 12 songs „Pop mix“ in three languages.

  • Melodica - Little browm girl
  • Melodica - Fly!
  • Melodica - It makes me feel so fine
  • Melodica - The springtime
  • Melodica - When comes the night
  • Melodica - Looking for my way
  • Melodica - Avalanche
  • Melodica - The wheel of time
  • Melodica - Burning like a flame
  • Melodica - Three peaks of Uhuru
  • Melodica - Dead leaves

Silver mix

On April 2014 a French-English mix entitled „Silver mix“ is published with 7 songs in English and 5 in French.

Je me laisse porter

In 2013 Melodica recorded and published the French version entitled „Je me laisse porter“.

  • Melodica - Ma belle brune
  • Melodica - Je me laisse porter
  • Melodica - Combien de fois
  • Melodica - Le printemps est de retour
  • Melodica - Avec le soir
  • Melodica - Je cherche mon chemin
  • Melodica - Avalanche
  • Melodica - La roue du temps
  • Melodica - Ardente comme une flamme
  • Melodica - Le Grand rift

Unášať sa nechám (Je me laisse porter)

The first album of Melodica titled "Unášať sa nechám" (I let myself drift) was born in 2012 and was recorded in the Studio TR between June and October 2012.

It includes ten original songs. A total of twenty musicians and singers have participated in the recording of this album.

After recording the musical part we selected the singers so that their voice matches the best character of the song. Some of our singers are Slovak, some of them are known on the slovak popmusic scene, others come to record their voice from Switzerland, Great Britain, Austria, France or Spain.

The first version, which is available at the end end of 2012 is recorded with the Slovak texts.

  • Melodica - Vybral som sa na Mallorcu
  • Melodica - Unášať sa nechám
  • Melodica - Koľkokrát
  • Melodica - Čas Jari
  • Melodica - Večer s tebou
  • Melodica - Cestu si hľadám
  • Melodica - Lavína
  • Melodica - Koleso času
  • Melodica - Ťahá ma ako kameň
  • Melodica - Arusha

Vianoce (Noël)

Besides, in 2012 the group also publishes a single CD entitled Vianoce / Christmas /. This song is sung by two soloists / female pop voice and male opera voice and by a choir composed of children from a music school.

  • Melodica - Vianoce (Noël)

Unášať sa nechám (Je me laisse porter) - book

I work as an interpreter-translator. I always loved languages - they gave me a lot in my life. I could discover new countries, get to know beautiful people, and extend my knowledge.

At the age of six, my mother enrolled me to music school to play violin, but I soon had to give it up because my friends thought it was ridiculous. As a teenager, I listened to a lot of wonderful music, like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, which I kept in my heart ever since. So I bought a guitar and, as a self-taught person, I tried to imitate my stars and understand the meaning of their tunes and lyrics.

My story is nothing special - I’ve been married for 33 years now, my Violetta is a beautiful, clever woman, loving wife and mother of our son Richard, who is 32 years old. Richard finished his studies in opera singing and has a fantastic voice.

I wrote my songs between autumn 2009 and spring 2014. Before that, I was busy working and I had no time for my own creations. But with the economic crisis, less work and more free time set in together with my head full of tunes, verses and rhymes, and a strong desire to transform them into songs. Step by step, I wrote 30 simple melodies and lyrics to each melody. Then I translated some of them to other languages. Hence, some of my songs have two or three versions. As I use rhymes, translation is not always possible, so sometimes the lyrics of the same song are different, those are rather adaptations.

The theme of my songs is the sense (and the nonsense) of the life, the eternal desire to realize my dreams, to find the "writing on the wall", a better understanding of the secrets of the universe. The swallows, as a symbol of beauty, freedom and travelling, appear often in my songs. When I talk about flying, I mean to break free, break the terrestrial chains to reach immaterial happiness. However, values like friendship, love and feelings, a limitless source of happiness and inspiration stand above.

I hope you will enjoy my lyrics and my songs. The etymology of my first and last names of my real name Zoltán Tamáš is Sultan Tomas which means that I’m the Unbeliever King of Believers.