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  • Melodica is a group that would address not only the Slovak public, but also French, English and Spanish.
  • Melodica would like to bring to his auditors, melodic and rhythmic music, pleasant to listen, with lyrics that make sense.
  • Melodica plays exclusively his own original creation in multiple languages, all songs are created by Zoltan Tamas, Anton Lancaric and Tomas Redey.
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Last album

POP MIX 2016 Details

Fourth album

Fly Details

Third album

Silver mix Details

Second album

cd2 Details

First album

cd1 Details


cd2 Details

In june 2016 was published the new album of Melodica:

"POP MIX 2016"

with new version of existing song
but also some new songs, until now unplublished
in French, Spanish and English

In April 2015 was published the fourth album of Melodica -


with 11 songs in English.

On April 2014 a French-English mix entitled

"Silver mix"

is published with 5 songs in English and 5 in French + one new song entitled Dead leaves and You are so beautifull.

In December 2013


recorded and published the French version entitled

"Je me laisse porter".